Curious Mint Post style

To create a responsive website for their newly launched company.  ABOUT Curious Mints is a company focused on developer education, dedicated to providing free tutorials to developers who want to learn and build new skills on the side.  ROLE & DURATION I worked with the founder directly and led the

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Corwin Online – Post style

ABOUT Corwin Advance Online focuses on online learning designed to support teacher license renewal and professional growth with research-based strategies to use in classroom today. It offers several different formats of online courses for direct individual purchase (B2C) or group purchase (B2B).  Brief: ‚ÄčThe client hired us to redesign and

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The best education apps compiled by Apple App Store

With weekend around the corner and with the changing nature of education in times of COVID, sharing a list of education apps compiled at Apple's app store. These cover an incredible range of subjects for students which even adults can use to build skills and knowledge. My tried favorites: Khan

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