I moved to New York seven years ago with a feature phone in hand and no interest or inclination of apps and technology, because I thought I wasn’t smart enough to get it.

I vividly remember when we all transitioned to smartphones, and I could feel an immediate upgrade to the quality of our lifestyles and boost in my confidence with apps and tech in general. I watched my parents struggle with the online world, only to be addicted to it few months later and feel empowered to execute tasks that were otherwise cumbersome. International money transfers, video calls, connecting with friends, online shopping, investing, bookings – all made simple, easy and possible with few clicks.

It is then that my interest grew in UI/UX, specifically UX. The transition from my then career in Event Production and Wedding Planning to UX design felt just right. I wanted to reach a larger audience and here we were.

I’m fascinated by the world of UX design and its power to impact lives when done right. I love that there is an entire discipline dedicated to prioritizing the understanding of users before designing for them. UX brings accountability where you’re needed to dig deep and justify through research, that a design solution will in fact solve a user’s problem and not merely push products or features onto them.

In my approach, I stay empathetic and iterative. I use sketching to stay creative, generate concepts and map processes.

Aside from design, you’ll either find me doodling about my family and friends or bracing myself at improv comedy jams.

So let’s solve user problems, let’s make things easier. Let’s connect.

Deepti Mansukhani

UX designer | New York

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