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WhatsApp and disabling forwards

Project Overview About & Duration I discuss the growing frustrations of users who use Whatsapp and constantly receive forwards and don't want to. I've designed a function that can help limit this better.   Duration: 2 weeks Tools & Method Research, Problem statement, Six in-person interviews, Sketches, Mapping User flow, Wireframes,

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The Beauty Concierge App

Project Overview About & Duration This is an MVP for a beauty app. My topic is on the growing beauty industry, growing beauty users and the emerging frustrations they face. This started as a personal observation when I accompanied a friend shopping for beauty products. I observed her frustrations and

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Remodeling your home with AR

Project Overview About Residents living in their home for years often search for ways to refresh their space, and rearranging their furniture is one of the easiest ways to make a home feel new. However, there are no apps to help redesign a layout with furniture already present in your

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