Daily Challenge #4: A settings view list for a todo app to help film snobs

  • Challenge: Design a settings view for a todo app to help film snobs
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Time to solve the challenge: 15 minutes
  • Assumption: Here the todo app for the film snob is for personal use

Thoughts behind the design

A film snob is defined by Urban Dictionary as someone who takes movies and get into the specifics, such as plot, cinematography and other tidbits about a film rather than the enjoyment. They are often know to ruining movies for others.

For this challenge, I assumed the film snob likes to:

  • review movies of different genres
  • rate movies based on different categories (example: director, writer, cinematographer)
  • blog reviews on their site
  • publish it on their other social media accounts

… and is using the todo app to help track and complete tasks associated with this.

Settings View; the flow

First version: I first listed down the items that I think should be part of this app. It’s not in the order.

Version 1

Second version: I grouped them into main categories and then sub categories. This is because the settings function can be very detailed and I like to keep the first appearance as clean, neat and minimal.

Version 2

Final Design

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