Daily Challenge #5: A log in and create account feature for a weather app for single parents

  • Challenge: Design a login and create account feature for a weather app to help single parents
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Time to solve the challenge: 15 minutes
  • Assumption: Here the weather app for the single parent is for personal use to track if the weather is making sudden changes that might affect the schedule and activities planned for their kids (example: outdoors)

Thoughts behind the design

A single parent would want to be updated whether the weather is changing or not and if it would affect the kid’s scheduled activities. Under create account, I added form fields to enter in location. This way the app would show the weather in their area.

I’ve also added a form field to add in phone number, and that is in case the user wants to be notified via text, in case there is any change in weather, which might in turn affect scheduled activities of their children.

Final Design



  • Once the user has created account/ logged in, the app will give them the option to turn on notifications via text regarding weather changes.
  • Other feature would be the ability to view the weather in Celsius vs Fahrenheit

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