The best education apps compiled by Apple App Store

With weekend around the corner and with the changing nature of education in times of COVID, sharing a list of education apps compiled at Apple's app store. These cover an incredible range of subjects for students which even adults can use to build skills and knowledge. My tried favorites: Khan

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Managing work-life balance during COVID19 – My one top tip

Source: The Harvard Gazette Going remote Seemingly overnight, the unprecedented crisis hit our world. Coronavirus (COVID-19) spread globally, leaving public and private sectors struggle for business solutions, schools shutting down and sending millions of children home, and much of the entire workforce being forced to go remote. People have had

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Daily Challenge #1: A single detail view of a book discovery app

Today's challenge was: A single detail view for a Book Discovery App to help college students. Difficulty level: Easy Time to solve the challenge: 15 minutes Assumption: Here's the assumption is the college student is a returning user Thoughts leading to the design For this design, I took inspiration from

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